This March it is time to go a little 'mad' raising some money for CYT Atlanta. As you can imagine - and as many of you have experienced - this year has been full of blessings and struggles. We've made every effort to remain a place for students to enjoy theater and grow in their relationships with other students who share their same interests. We wish to continue to provide great theatrical and character building programs in the future. Theater is an important place for students to connect with one another, release stress, and grow confidence. So, please help us reach our ultimate goal of raising $30,000+ in the month of March by participating in "March Madness" OR click on a participant's page to donate to their campaign!

March Madness FUNdraiser is a great way to support CYT while earning FUN rewards. Any student who wishes to participate simply can set up a campaign through their account and encourage friends and family to donate. When students hit certain 'goals' they receive crazy prizes.

How to set up a campaign:

Raise $50--HAIKU--Receive a Haiku written just for you!
Raise $100--REQUEST A SONG--Request any 1 minute CYT appropriate song from any participating teacher*.
Raise $250--TIK TOK or VIDEO--Choose a participating teacher* to do a tik tok or fun 30 second video with you.
Raise $500--DISNEY-GRAM--Get a Disney character to come to your house or call via zoom to sing you a song, or you can gift-the-gram to a friend**
Raise $1000--ARTISTIC TEAM DINNER--The CYT staff will treat anyone who raises $1000 or more to a nice dinner.

First student to raise $5000 will receive a week vacation in a Destin Beach House.
*Good for any available week through January 2022.*

There are also gifts for individual donations/donors.

Donate $250-$499--Receive a CYT cup
Donate $500-$999--Receive a CYT Tote Bag
Donate $1000-$2499--Receive a Personalized CYT Stadium Blanket
Donate $2500+--Receive a CYT cup, Tote, and Personalized Stadium Blanket

Your donation will go towards helping us provide safe, professional environment where students can learn about theater, themselves, and the Creator.
*Participating Teachers: Lori Courtney, Meg Foster, Jonathan Goff, Jenn Jordan, Anna Kilbride, Jenn Loudermilk, Mackenzie Messick, Zach Roe
**Live Disney-Grams recipients must live within 10 miles of Mount Pisgah Christian School. Grams will be sung outside at a 6 foot distance. Anyone wishing to take pictures with the Disney character must wear a mask.

1. How often would you like to give?

2. Your gift amount.

Select your donation's designation:

I have been a part of CYT for 7 years now and all I can say is the love and bond have kept me there. Everyone is so welcoming and so open to accepting everybody who walks in the door. They are the reason I have become the person I am today while being surrounded by this abounding love, and I am proud to call myself a CYT student!

Alexa M., CYT Atlanta Class of 2021

Donor Benefits

CYT relies on the donations of patrons so we can provide quality theater education across the country. According to “The Value and Quality of Arts Education: A Statement of Principles”, students who participate in the arts do better in school, stay in school longer, and win more academic awards. They are also three times more likely to go to college and become more confident, considerate, pro-social and pro-civic citizens! Your generous donation ensures that our students are given these benefits, so that they can go on to build a stronger world for future generations.